Weekend Fun

This weekend me and my two daughters are visiting my grandparents and aunt. My grandma has kidney dialysis and fibromyalgia. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and he’s recovering from a stroke. My aunt has her own ways about her and is bipolar. Her youngest two daughters are there two, and possibly her best friends two kidz.

They live an hour away from me and in 2 houses on around an acre of land.

I wanted to take my son, but he’s lower functioning and takes a lot more work. I’m not sure I could handle him AND all this open space. I felt really bad and he wanted to go so badly.

I’ll be calling my husband with instructions and to check on him. I might want to bring my son next time if my cousin, who’s a teenage boy might be staying.

I still feel bad and guilty about leaving him behind. Uggghhh. I’m not supposed to be running at all and he is a runner.

I’m gonna try to enjoy myself and do fun things with everyone while I’m here.



I’m darktippedrose.

I’m 31 and a stay at home mother, with 3 kidz with autism.

My marriage is sexless. For now, the abuse is mostly verbally and in so much as being refused intimacy.

I’m also Muslim. I no longer blind follow my husband, which pisses him off and results in him thinking that I’m no longer a real Muslim. I’m half white and half  Arab and hes African American, originally from the south. He kind of thinks that hes more Arab than me, since getting his DNA checked, and uses it to prove his superiority. But thats another topic lol.

I’m also a submissive babygirl. I have always had natural, submissive tendencies since I was a kid. I wasn’t aware of bdsm or what it was until I was 16. I didn’t know that I was a submissive babygirl until I was 27.

I explore my own identity on my own, and I do lots of research on Fetlife.com. I am not active in a ddlg relationship but it IS who I am and I hope one day to meet a loving Daddy Dom when I’m no longer married to my husband.

I love to exercise and belly dance and watch tv shows. Sometimes I like to sew and crochet and loom knit.

Right now I’m recovering from 2 knee surgeries – torn meniscus and torn mcl. My last surgery was in January and recovery is sooooo slow. I also have PCOS and am currently very overweight. I am trying to lose weight and get healthier.

Thats about it so far. I’m open to any questions as long as you’re nice.

Getting Aggressive

Friday, my husband came home to find my daughter eating chicken nuggets with her friend who is not Muslim and she wasn’t wearing her hijab.

My husband came home, surprisingly early, and grabbed her ear and pulled her upstairs into his bedroom. I got up there as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast with my painful knees. When I got to her, i told him NO.

He got mad and just said I need to take a nap and we went downstairs.

Even with my my daughter being reddish-brown, her ear was really red. I got her ice for her ear and her friend, commented that her dad was mean.

My grandma and my aunt just found out this past weekend about it. She asked me if hes getting more extreme, in terms of religion, and I said yes, gradually he is.

My grandma is worried he’ll try to take the kidz and have them circumcised. My grandma doesn’t quite understand him, especially why he does this and he’s American.  He was born in North Caroline and ht thinks of himself as being more Arab than me, whatever.

I’m kind of afraid that I would’t be able to stop it. I don’t want to be the woman who knows and does nothing. I want to be the kind that takes it and sacrifices herself for her kidz.

Hes intimidating and I think at this point its safe to say that I’m afraid of him.