Getting Aggressive

Friday, my husband came home to find my daughter eating chicken nuggets with her friend who is not Muslim and she wasn’t wearing her hijab.

My husband came home, surprisingly early, and grabbed her ear and pulled her upstairs into his bedroom. I got up there as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast with my painful knees. When I got to her, i told him NO.

He got mad and just said I need to take a nap and we went downstairs.

Even with my my daughter being reddish-brown, her ear was really red. I got her ice for her ear and her friend, commented that her dad was mean.

My grandma and my aunt just found out this past weekend about it. She asked me if hes getting more extreme, in terms of religion, and I said yes, gradually he is.

My grandma is worried he’ll try to take the kidz and have them circumcised. My grandma doesn’t quite understand him, especially why he does this and he’s American.  He was born in North Caroline and ht thinks of himself as being more Arab than me, whatever.

I’m kind of afraid that I would’t be able to stop it. I don’t want to be the woman who knows and does nothing. I want to be the kind that takes it and sacrifices herself for her kidz.

Hes intimidating and I think at this point its safe to say that I’m afraid of him. 


2 thoughts on “Getting Aggressive

  1. Hi, It is bad if you are intimidated by his behavior which I see is rather horrendous. Did you try and tell him not to behave like that. I am sorry about such incidents. Take care 🙂


    • I just told him NO. But as soon as I went to go and get her, he acted like it didn’t even happen and just demanded that we all get out and let him take his nap.

      It was weird how he acted like it didn’t even happen.


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