Weekend Fun

This weekend me and my two daughters are visiting my grandparents and aunt. My grandma has kidney dialysis and fibromyalgia. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and he’s recovering from a stroke. My aunt has her own ways about her and is bipolar. Her youngest two daughters are there two, and possibly her best friends two kidz.

They live an hour away from me and in 2 houses on around an acre of land.

I wanted to take my son, but he’s lower functioning and takes a lot more work. I’m not sure I could handle him AND all this open space. I felt really bad and he wanted to go so badly.

I’ll be calling my husband with instructions and to check on him. I might want to bring my son next time if my cousin, who’s a teenage boy might be staying.

I still feel bad and guilty about leaving him behind. Uggghhh. I’m not supposed to be running at all and he is a runner.

I’m gonna try to enjoy myself and do fun things with everyone while I’m here.


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