Getting a handle on my PCOS

I have poly cystic ovarian Syndrome/Disease, but PCOD for short, but most ppl just call it by PCOS. I was diagnosed at 15. I mostly managed it until I had kidz. I had 3 kidz by the time I was 21, and I’m 31 lol.

I found a new Gynecologist last year and finally someone listens to me. I’ve gone to a nutritionist who has helped me greatly with energy levels. One cup of caffeine a day, I’m decreasing my bread content, and having a protein shake within an hour (though I have to work on it in the summer).

Well just recently my period was like 10 days or more. And I kept on spotting. I went to the doctor and I got 2 month samples worth of Minastrin 24 Fe birth control pills. The first pill ended my bleeding – yay. I don’t need it for birth control. I have a copper iud and birth control is because I’m NOT ovulating every month and its affecting my other hormones.

I also gained weight after I had kidz, I was going down after the babies and just randomly gained weight. NO matter how much I exercised or watched my weight. GRRRR.

I’m getting fasting blood work soon with a ultrasound on my uterus. And then we’ll go from there.

But I’m very happy that I’m finally making progress after a lot of nothing. Doctors yelling at me over no progress. Very happy to have some help in getting my health back together.


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