Exercise, Birth Control Pills, etc

I tried doing a fitness challenge by Fitness Blender. It was too hard on my knees. And my a$$. It triggered my back pain and my sciatica/piriformis pain. Ouch.

So now I’m taking a step back and am only doing mostly rehabilitative exercises until my body gets stronger. And working on my flexibility training as I know that will help my knees and legs and back pain. And I’m working on getting in some regular belly dance drillz. It feels really good.

Food wise, my sweet spot tends to be 2 protein shakes and 2 real food meals a day. it feels really good for my body.

I am going back to the Gynecologist, getting my iud replaced because it got to low and caused irregular bleeding. I am also getting help with the birth control pills, because I’ve been getting sooo many headaches, stubborn headaches since I started these birth control pills. Ouch.


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