Restarting Before School

I’m feeling totally off balance this summer. So hectic. I have around 18 more days until my husband goes back to work and 25 until my kidz go back to school.

So …… I am trying really hard to slowly build up habits that I’m going to need to have for when my kidz go back to school.

I”m starting with going to bed earlier. Always taking my melatonin to help my body shut (mostly my brain) shut down for bed time.

Get up early, make dinner during the day so I don’t burn out night so easily.

Making a more manageable workout schedule. Taking into account how hard taking care of the kidz is on my body. I forget this sooo often and get burned out a lot. I burn out mentally and physically a lot. And what point is exercise if you don’t get stronger, but weaker, right?

I’m also going to get my iud replaced tomorrow as its fallen too low. I also quit taking my birth control pills (for hormone balancing). Its been giving me RAGING head aches. omg. So many headaches, not always severe, but very stubborn.

I am looking forward to school and the normal schedule.


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