Not enough gas

I really needed to go to an orthopedic appointment today but my husband said that theres not enough money for gas. So I rescheduled 2 of my appointments for after the first of the month.

And yet . …….. theres enough money or gas for him to go out at night.

I talked to my aunt about it and she was pissed.

I don’t confront him about everything. To be honest part of it is that I’m scared. Part of it is that he intimidates me. Another part is that I never know hes going to be. He mixes his niceness with is meanness so sometimes I get confused, and question myself sometimes. And sometimes its a waste of time to bring up everything.

Sometimes he goes into a tangent about how hes the man of the house and he doesn’t want me questioning him, and what he does and where he goes. How whatever he does outside the house is none of my business.


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