Complicated Family

I just got a message today from my husband’s ex-wife. She wants the children to know each other, which is awesome. I want them to continue knowing each other too. But she doesn’t feel safe with them coming to us, and staying here anymore.

My husband, has complicated manners.

Apparently, my husband has been telling his daughters, who are Christians, that its OK for Christians to be killed. To explain matters, my husband is a supporter I guess of ISIS, and I am NOT. I try not to talk to him about it anymore because it just ends up in a horrible argument that just gives me anxiety in the pit of my stomach for hours.

She, my husband’s ex-wife, I’ll call her L for anonymous purposes, does not feel safe or secure with this. And neither do I. I do NOT tell them what he really thinks of them. What he told them is nice compared to how he REALLY feels about them. I want to protect them from all of that. I try my best to protect my children and my step-daughters, and L from it. Even my in-laws. I don’t want them to know how my husband really feels and thinks about them.

So now they might come over to visit grandma and grandpa while I’m there for the weekend. I hope it all goes well. We can only meet in public. But she has a big truck? or van? And is thiinking we can all go together on outings. But she only wants to go to places where my husband won’t get angry. Seek his permission first.


Its so sad and its his doing. He thinks hes in the right and he can’t see what a treasure he is losing. He doesn’t see how harmful he is or how astray he has gotten. Religion is supposed to make you a better person, NOT transform you into an A$$hole.

But I’m going to try and  make the best of it.

I AM happy she knows it wasn’t me and I really hope to pieces that her and my step-daughters start to feel better soon. Its just heart breaking that families have to have this great separation.


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