Cousin’s Birthday Party

Today I went to my cousin’s birthday party. It was gonna be later, like 7 so I made dinner for the kidz. Apparently the kidz didn’t like it lol. And I went with my relatives. My husband does NOT believe in celebrating birthdays. Its kind of depressing really. So I didn’t tell him why I left.

It was my cousin’s 16th birthday, at a roller skating rink. I mostly just helped my grandparents there, I didn’t skate or anything. I’m sure I looked odd, being Muslim, not looking super white like everyone else, with a long head cover on. But it was fun and it was bitter sweet seeing my nerdy cousin enjoying himself with his friends, while my life, is not so great. I’m happy for him.

I told him I’d be gone for a couple of hours or so. He claims I said 2. He started nagging me after 2.5 hours. Nagging me with his technicalities. Ughhh. I hate how he snares me into stupid arguments.

When I came home, his car was gone. Apparently, he was parked outside, right around the corner and had watched me go in the house. He didn’t leave until I texted him that I was home.

I don’t know of this was creep or scary.


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