Middle-School Transition

My eldest son is 11 years old and he started 6th grade this year. His transition to middle school is NOT going well at all.

At the end of last year, me and his teacher put in work to make the transition smooth. It did NOT happen.

His ipad that he uses for communication was NOT there. For whatever reason hes running off a lot and over all they just can’t handle him.

He tests people and runs off if he doesn’t respect you. I arrive and then he listens to me.

Its the most frustrating thing in the world. I have an appointment next week to meet with some people. I just told my husband today whats going on.

He just said sooner or later, they’ll give up and send him to a school with more security, for bad kids. Or also, for special needs kidz with more aggresssive issues.

I feel like they are especially incompetent that they can’t even admit that they just might not be the best fit for my son. They just say that they can’t bend over backwards for one child. Whatever.

#everychildcounts #autismmatters


6 thoughts on “Middle-School Transition

  1. This is a terrible injustice that happens often! It is so unfortunate. I think you have to put something in writing and file a formal complaint. If they are not giving him what he needs then they need to send him to a school that can (although that is not always the best answer). It does bring about relief. Look into who you should contact. But mostly just putting it in writing and threatening to take it to someone else will do the trick. Stay strong and don’t let them bully you. You have rights and do not have to do what they say. You are the most important member of the IEP meeting! Stand your ground and hang in there!

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    • yes indeed. We have a meeting next week and I’m going to see then the thing to do. I still feel like they are just too incompetent for a son like mine. Ughhhh. We’ll see how it goes. And NOW, my son knows that if he acts up, he can go up and won’t have to do his work. Cuz hes smart like that.

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      • I hear you! My nephew ( I am raising him) used to say he was going to kill himself because he knew he would have to leave school and couldn’t return until he was evaluated. then he started to run away and the police would pick him up and bring him home and he would get suspended for 3 days. It was a long hard fight to get them to change that. I did finally get them to change his school and that made all the difference in the world.


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