NOT a Muslimah

So last night I made food for my husband and his friend who works with my son for respite care. I couldn’t pray since I was on my period and so my kids prayed with my husband and his friend.

My daughter came down and she was a little afraid to say it, but my husband told her I wasn’t a Muslimah anymore.


It took me time to digest all of this. He has truly gone astray. I knew he was astray when he said ISIS is Islamic, a picture on his computer blessing Osama bin Laden as a scholar when he never was. The list goes on.

Add to this that he barely engages with us and the kids are happy when he’s gone. He’s started pulling one of my daughter’s hair and cusses when giving the kids small instructions.

I’ve listened to Islamic lectures by Mufti Mink that your wife and children should come first. Your family IS an Islamic duty. But we’ve never c really been a priority. He thinks of us more as what we SHOULD be doing and we fail his unrealistic expectations.

Mufti Mink also said to be VERY careful before you accuse someone of turning against their religion. I know my husband gets this idea from his extremist friends and all the videos that are posted on YouTube. Because I think for myself and don’t do exactly what he thinks I should he thinks I shame the religion, that I’m corrupting the children and that I make religion like a clown. Ughhhhh.

I know he’s wrong. My poor daughter was very confused and really I’m just trying to do damage control right now.


20 thoughts on “NOT a Muslimah

      • Because there are people out their to deceive but I’ll take your word for and and inshallah he come back to the true path of Islam and may Allah help you to guide him, you need to talk to your husband about everything and show him the haq

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      • I honestly can’t. I’ve tried and he only sees HIS way. He has threatened me with harm before. Me and my kids are kind of afraid of him. We just try to avoid his bad behaviors. He has become more controlling when it comes to the kids. Anything he doesn’t like, even my family visiting – and I’ll pay the price one way or another. Right now I’ll pay the price with him barely being home for days, but he’s getting worse and worse.


      • Try to go out, holidays do activities just try and have fun an be happy because he might be feeling depressed and stop watching the westernised news outlets they are making muslims extremist not Islam, remember to smile because that is an act of worship an charity inshallah in time it will get better ameen


      • Low income doesn’t mean you can’t go paintballing and pretend to be a soldier 😂 go-carting, rock climbing, out for dinner, cinemas so many thing you can do just plan it with your husband I’m sure you both and your little girl would love it. You can be good muslims and still have fun you don’t need to stay in and just be on the computer looking at how cruel the world is, make your world better pray together and forget the world inshallah. I’m not married I might sound a bit naive but I’m sure it could be done inshallah


      • The only fun things I do I can’t do around my husband. Like I study Raqs Sharqi at home, and baladi and shaabi. My husband HATES it. I exercise for my body. My blog is my therapy. And yes, you are a bit naive to marriage and narcissistic spouses.


      • His not narcissistic his just mislead by propaganda and conspiracy theories you are his wife and you have the most right to try and talk to him and guide him, pray that allah helps you and guides him and I hope you get what you desire ameen


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