Emotions, Emotions and Emotions

So lately I have realized that my emotions with my husband may be PART of why I’ve been emotionally eating. Since I don’t really have a husband, why not eat this or that. He doesn’t really care about me anyways.

Not sure what to do about it. Right now I’m just aware of it.

AND I’m crying a lot more. oh boy. I don’t know why. I’m practically used to it. I feel like something is up with my husband and he won’t tell me what it is. He rarely sleeps at night. Rarely wants food. He’s rarely home at all now. And for some reason it makes me cry. You’d think I’d be over this.

I masterbate or watch porn – it reminds me of what I’ll never have. I cry.

I read a steamy romance novel from kindle – I cry

I’ve never been like this before. With all the crying and stuff. Its getting kind of ridiculous. My husband not talking to me and I’m fine, and then when I get ready I’m crying and screaming and I can’t even make a noise because it hurts to much. And I can barely get him to even say Hi to me.


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