Leaving in Spring

So there has been new developements. Apparently my husband has been intentionally NOT been around to get us USED to him NOT being around. lol. Like he needs to do that.

Apparently hes going overseas sometime in the spring. He’s gonna take his name off the lease and get everything in my name so I can get food stamps for the kidz.

The last time he went to Morocco he was really in Hawaii with his friend. I kind of played stupid with it. And when  I asked him how long he’d be gone, he said indefinitely? I don’t know if he meant hes leaving and not coming back, or if he meant he doesn’t know.

I know that part of this is from when he told me that me and the kidz were leading him to hell. And he needed time away from us to study his religion. Apparently NOT taking care of your wife and kidz leads you closer to God.

Pretty insane. All these scholars and students of knowledge I’ve been following who’ve been saying that you MUST take care of your wife and children, and neglecting your responsibilities lead you AWAY from God, not closer to God.

Oh boy. I’m still processing all of this. My relatives might be able to help. I know they’d like me to move in with them but special programs over there aren’t as big as the city I live in. And I’m afraid my kidz would regress by moving. Not enough supports and stuff like that. I haven’t even told my family yet. I’ll tell them soon.


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