shy girl or bisexual?

I had a funny conversation with my grandma during the weekend about when I thought I was bisexual.

I thought I was bisexual because my mom thought I liked girls.

One minute my mom would say she’d beat me up if she caught me with a boyfriend, and that she’d find me cuz she knew the roads like the back of her hand.

Another moment she’d say its ok to be friends with boys. If I did something and she thought I was trying to act grown up, then she’d call me a b**ch. And then she’d say, “look at that cute boy” and I wouldn’t look.

I was extremely shy especially around men. I was very sheltered and raised very old school. I still am shy lol. So because of this I felt abnormal as a kid. I’m also an introvert and never talked about men to my family. I was never boy crazy.

The truth is I thought about them much younger than my family thinks. I thought about sex much earlier than they thought. I might explore one day but I feel I really am a submissive babygirl, which my family would think is actually worse. lol.

Its just kind of funny because I’m introverted and shy in a family of extroverts so of course I come off gay. And I feel uncomfortable talking about men and sex, especially with family. ughhhhh. Too gross lol.

Anyways, just a thought.




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