Hormones & IUDs

So….. my hormones are out of control. Erratic periods and days and days of spotting. Since I wasn’t doing anything, my gynecologist decided to switch my IUD to a hormone based one.

If I had known how painful it would be, I would have opted for pills lol.

I went in and after the scope was in, she pulled out the old IUD. Not super painful, but most definitely uncomfortable. ughhh.

Then she tried to put in the new one but I wouldn’t quit screaming in pain. It hurt so bad. And yeah …… she ended up giving me a shot in my vagina. She said this won’t hurt as bad as before. I said what are you giving me, she said never mind and then she said, “Grit your teeth”. Oh boy. I’m pretty sure I started screaming about why its so hard to be a woman, lol.

It hurt. After all this breathing, painful moaning and screaming ~ I still hurt and was exhausted. I also had blood work done.

I came home and slept off the rest of the pain.

My test came back all completely normal and I have another appointment to discuss the next course of action.

And I’m still spotting from the new IUD.

le sigh. Female stuff is so painful but trying to take care of my health.




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