Ramadan 2017

Bismillah ir Arahaman ir Rahim!

So this is my first Ramadhan as a Shi’a Muslim. I am still learning a lot of things. It is also summer time so getting things done can be quite difficult because I have my 3 babies at home.

Not as much time for lots of Spiritual reflection but I’m trying.

I am still cautious and paranoid about my husband. I’m dubious about his intentions. The only time he’s very friendly is if we discuss religion. Sigh.

This month I’ll do more research on Narcisstic Personality Disorder and Islamic Marriage. I will attempt to mend the bond this month, in observance of Ramadhan, and if nothing happens, then I can not be blaimed.

I will have tried my best.

And that’s the most that I can do, try my best, and focus on myself and my children.


One thought on “Ramadan 2017

  1. I pray that you will find and experience blessings and some of what your heart needs and desires during your observance of Ramadhan.

    I have discovered a deeper spirituality and closeness with God as I have begun my healing and recovery process. God has been a huge part of restoring my health and returning me to wholeness as the woman He always intended for me to be.

    I do encourage you to continue making your spiritual reflection a priority. I know it is hard to find the time, especially with three children. But really, it will likely help you to be able to focus more clearly on caring for yourself and your children. I don’t know if your religion requires prayer and reflection to be done in a certain way or place, but I try to take time when I am alone, like in the shower, the car, out for a walk or it just might not happen if I am trying to specifically put the time aside. And it sounds like that would be even more difficult for you to do as a caregiver.

    Your research plan sounds like a good idea. Arming yourself with information and knowledge is an empowering step in continuing to move forward in caring for yourself.

    Blessings to you my friend.


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