Lectures on Sex

So several weeks ago, my husband was giving me lectures on sex. Like how sex is supposed to be in marriage. In Islamic Marriage (Shi’a).

I couldn’t even be angry. I was randomly sarcastic and laughing. I know its considered to be rude or whatever. I just thought it was hilarious that I a man who has rejected me for sex so many times is now lecturing me on something I haven’t had in 4 years.

We have now been married for 14 years and and actually, I haven’t had sex in 5 years now that I think about it. And he thinks I’m ok with it. Hilarious. OMG. So hilarious.

I know in his eyes, I’m obscenely rude, but whatever.

I just couldn’t even be angry.


8 thoughts on “Lectures on Sex

  1. I guess it’s better to laugh than to cry. It got to a point with me where I just didn’t have any more anger over his refusal to have sex with me. That was pointless. I was deeply hurt and wounded, but his excuses and reasons became laughable. One of the last times I even bothered bringing the subject up for discussion he told me that we didn’t need to have sex anymore because our relationship had gotten to such a high place that it was no longer necessary. I was incredulous. Say what?!?! Our marriage sucked.


    • haha. Some of the excuses are pretty hilarious. One time before my husband left on a trip for 4 months, he slept at a motel to get used to sleeping without me.


      now I sleep with Mr. Cuddles ( my special pillow, he helps me sleep at night. Kind of like my stuffie). So funny now.


      • I think the ridiculousness of their excuses and reasons at least helps us to see that the problem really is within them and is not something that we are doing or not doing.


      • Yes. Except mine also play head games with me. So it hurts but I understand as an afterthought that its not me, but my little heart just feels likes a little girl thats been neglected one too many times.


      • Oh, yes it still hurts every time! Because it is so absurd. When the excuses are so incomprehensible it makes the rejection stab your heart even more because it makes no sense and there is nothing we can do about it. It leaves us hurt, bewildered and screaming and crying on the inside. Feeling helpless and hopeless. It is soul destroying.


    • thank you. I deeply appreciate it. I know. My husband hated my dancing at home and used religion to get me stop, and when I did it again, it made him pissed off. then I talked to my MIL and he’s never really liked women dancing. ……


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