Crude Judgement

Lately my husband has been apologizing; to anyone but me, about his behavior. Like saying it’s okay to kill Christians, etc. He’s nicer to the kids……. and yet he says I’m going to hell for Belly Dancing. Le sigh. He doesn’t say this about any music or dancing but Arab music and Belly Dancing.

Tonight my husband and his friend were talking about religious stuff. Well my husband and his friend still support ISIS, aka Daesh. They actually think that it’s all propaganda. OMG.

So many Muslim scholars have spoken out against the. So many mass murders and they think it’s propaganda. My husband thinks I’m ignorant and stupid.

And the way my husband and his friend, who is living with us and is basically a parasite, were talking about other Muslims. Ugggh. Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual/religious journey. Who are you to judge!?! They think because they read a couple of books that they know everything. They read, but their hearts are cold and hard and don’t comprehend.



I’m darktippedrose.

I’m 31 and a stay at home mother, with 3 kidz with autism.

My marriage is sexless. For now, the abuse is mostly verbally and in so much as being refused intimacy.

I’m also Muslim. I no longer blind follow my husband, which pisses him off and results in him thinking that I’m no longer a real Muslim. I’m half white and half ¬†Arab and hes African American, originally from the south. He kind of thinks that hes more Arab than me, since getting his DNA checked, and uses it to prove his superiority. But thats another topic lol.

I’m also a submissive babygirl. I have always had natural, submissive tendencies since I was a kid. I wasn’t aware of bdsm or what it was until I was 16. I didn’t know that I was a submissive babygirl until I was 27.

I explore my own identity on my own, and I do lots of research on I am not active in a ddlg relationship but it IS who I am and I hope one day to meet a loving Daddy Dom when I’m no longer married to my husband.

I love to exercise and belly dance and watch tv shows. Sometimes I like to sew and crochet and loom knit.

Right now I’m recovering from 2 knee surgeries – torn meniscus and torn mcl. My last surgery was in January and recovery is sooooo slow. I also have PCOS and am currently very overweight. I am trying to lose weight and get healthier.

Thats about it so far. I’m open to any questions as long as you’re nice.