New School!

My son started his new school today! Yikes!

Yesterday I went to a meeting to his old school. We went over his IEP and Behavior plan with this new school. i added some input. And I decided to try this new school because I just couldn’t handle constantly going to pick him up from school, or any more with him getting expelled.


So I went over to the new school. Its known as a “bad” school. Its a school for kidz with behavior problems. His class is small and even has a courtyard thats closed in for him to jump around and run in. (AWESOME.) It looks like because the whole school is more structured, so in a way it gives him more freedom. He didn’t have lots of freedoms at his old school because they couldn’t handle him. Oh boy

I signed out all the paperwork and the secretary gave me a cab pass until bussing starts on Monday. I got to meet some counselors, secretary. I met his teacher and the two aides. And the security guard (IC).I told them all about him and they are all pretty stern – which is good for my son. Hes too good at manipulating hehe, to get his way.

Anyways. Yesterday was a bit rough. I was a bit emotional and overwhelmed lol. The school is a bit intimidating and scary looking but it looks pretty good and the right fit for my son right now. I was just so overwhelmed yesterday and my husband could care less.

He was surprised that he got sent to the “bad school” so fast. But I pushed for it because there was NO progress at his old school. Just a quick decline.

So …………………..

Today was his first day. Apparently he had a rough start but it was smooth sailing after that. I was so glad to hear. But the whole ordeal with my son has just put me on edge. With my speakers broken (cry for me please), I haven’t been able to do ANY stress dancing at all. And its really taken a toll on me. Oh boy.

I’m giving it until next Friday and then I’ll ask them if he needs an aide to follow him. I just found out that theres a program where an aide can shadow a student around school. For those who need it. So if he continues having difficult behaviors then I’m going to try and push for this.

Still emotional, but I’m feeling better about this.


Frustrated & Worried

I had a meeting with my son’s teachers. We agreed to put stuff into place. Give him a quarter before having another meeting. And depending …….. see what our options are.

Yeah- hes not having on and off days. Hes getting more and more aggressive. Yesterday he choked a teacher. And now hes suspended for 3 days. I told the teachers to look into another school that could accommodate him better. And they said ok. Only because his aggression is only getting worse at that school.

So I’m hoping to have more answers when he goes back to school on Tuesday. I have a meeting then and they’ll call me as soon as they know anything.