Huge Update

My husband is no longer extremist. He is still very conservative and hyprocritical and harsh, but not extremist. I gave information to my husband’s ex-wife to give to the FBI, and now the FBI wants him to be an informant.

oh boy.

My husband is now a Shi’a muslim. We all are actually. I thought about the information that my husband told me, and I eventually agreed with it because it made sense to me. That was not the reason that my husband wanted me to convert from Sunni to Shi’a.

He wants me to have X amount of faith because of X reason, when he wants it. He doesn’t quite understand that everyone is entitled to their own spiritual journey.

Le sigh.

So now, its like the same problem but different flavor. He still cheats, goes out at night at strange hours, still mostly ignores me. Still no sex for four years now. No hugs, no kisses, no dinner and a movie, no nothing.

The outside has changed, but he’s still really the same person. Right now I’m just trying to cope with all of this. Plus the fact that I have fallen two times in the snow and it wasn’t pretty. I have gone to the Orthopedic doctor. Right now I have really bad IT band syndrome and I still can’t walk up the stairs with my left leg. I’m holding off on some physical therapy exercises, and see if it helps. Otherwise, I’ll be going back to a physical therapist.


Random Updates

Well the weekend with my family was fun and tiring and a bit bickersome. One of my daughters wakes up early, so I had to get her ready and we had to go from my aunts house to my grandma’s house (my aunts house is right behind theirs) and hang out until everyone woke up.

It was a pain. But the kidz had fun. There were some squabbles with my other daughter because shes so sensitive and isn’t used to how tough her cousins are and how they sibling fight and such.

And besides the random nagging it was good. But I don’t think I could handle this all the time lol. Not at all.

Anyways – I went to the doctor for my knees. I had 2 knee surgeries when I was 30, I’m 31 now. It was meniscus and mcl ligament tears. My last one was in January. Now, I had bursa and got a steroid shot for that. I have mild arthritis, some inflammation, some traction and possibly ITB. Woah.

I refused a shot in my knee and want to try the natural route first. And I’m gonna research ITB and see what I can do. I’m glad I went and got stuff done.

I”m gonna see how it with just doing walking workouts for a while. I hope it goes well for me. 😀