Health Frustrations

I have pcos. I’ve gained weight since my two falls this winter. I can’t seem to lose the weight.

It looks like I’m going back to recording my food and doing some more tweaking with my intermittent fasting and seeing if I get any results.

Its so frustrating. I just want to feel stronger and healthier. Maybe some recording is most definitely in order.

I just feel like I’m bouncing around trying to figure out what works for me.



Energy & Damn Carbs :(

So no matter what I do the doctors can’t find the cause of my lack of energy. The last time at the gynecologist was just humiliating. Like I don’t eat right. I eat a crapload of veggies and good protein and she just looks at me with pity.

I haven’t been able to go under 255 in 3 years. It ranges between 250 to 260. Previously 250 WAS my highest weight.

So I decided to be some pills as “helping aids”. After I got home, it dawned on me that I’ve always taken “helpers”. As a teen I took chromium for cravings, other times this or that and the other.

I tried Hydroxycut but it made my heart beat too fast. So now I’m takingĀ  Green Tea Fat Burner. In one week I’ve lost 2 pounds which is healthy and sane. 255 pounds. I haven’t weighed 255 in years. usually its 257-260.

But I’m happy with my slow progress. I’m taking my exercise levels s l o w l y so I don’t burn out and build a good habit.

However, the other day I decided to have egg fried rice that I cooked for everyone else. I gained 2 pounds. The bad thing is I gained 2 pounds incredibly fast, the good thing is that I know this and know what to expect if I eat rice. And even brown rice, no matter how tasty, still doesn’t satiate me as a carb. Grrrrrr.

Another good thing is that I realize how INCREDIBLY sensitive I am to carbs. Its good that I’m realizing it.

I, knowing this, am aware I’m going to have to come up with some good strategies to resist the damn things since my kidz and husband can eat them and I really shouldnt. šŸ˜¦


New Fitness Beginning

A few years ago, my weight went down from 250 to 230. And it slowly crept back up. Yesterday it was 257. This is truly my low point, or high point, lol.

So I have decided to start over. I’m having MORE fatigue even though I’m not new to exercise.

So I’m going back to the basics. Walking exercises. Light belly dance drillz. Gentle Yoga and stretching.

This is where I’m gonna be for a while. In the meanwhile I’m doing research on fatigue and stuff like that. Back to babysteps.

Overexerising …..grrrrrFo

Apparently I’m overexercising. Which could account for some of my cravings and my recent bloating.

I wish it wasn’t overexericising. that I was in better shape. But I have to just accept that this just where I’m at right now.

No more than 30 minutes of dancing or else I get burned out the next day and need to sleep. I have to go to bed before 11 or I can barely get Ā up in time and get ready for the day.

I’m trying to find the right balance so I can lose weight but not burn out and need napping the next day. And also sleep. I find that I can’t NOT function physically if I’m not well rested and have enough sleep.

For now I’m gonna take a rest day and plan my exercise attack for tomorrow.




Health Ups and Downs

So I have downloaded this Journal App onto my kindle fire and I use it to record my food, weight, how I’m feeling, sleep etc. It seems to be helping. l really like it so far.

I’ve been weighing in at 248 and I’d like to weigh 240 by next month. If I can manage the consistency and better eating. We’ll see what actually happens.

On the downside, right as I was getting ready to go out my knee twinged. My left knee. Some of you may not know that I had two knee surgeries when I was 30. Both were for a torn meniscus and torn MCL ligament towards the back of my knees. They were 3 months apart. With my second knee surgery (right knee) the compensation pain was too much resulting in a bad left knee. oh boy.

Well I felt a twinge, like when something catches. It was painful, not as painful as last time but still painful. I haven’t exercised since then. And my knee is REALLY sore. So …… I’m resting it and icing it. And I’m going to buy a knee brace and call my Knee Doctor. So now I’ll study other aspects of belly dance. I’ll watch videos. But for now I’m sticking to full body chair exercises and chair yoga. I don’t want to but I’m not risking it either. GRRRRRRRRR

Bread, bread, bread

I just got a bread machine and have been eating way too many carbs now.


I’ve been thinking I might have to cut my portions of food and stick to my healthy foods.

That being said my kidz LUV it.

I’m trying to become more aware of my habits without becoming obsessive about it.

More Anti-Biotics

So the anti-biotics didn’t work. I went back to the doctor. The doctor gave me stronger anti-biotics, plus medication for yeast infection (the anti-biotics are THAT strong and also I’m prone to aggressive yeast infections because of my PCOS) and some pro-biotics.

Oh boy. I am starting to feel better. But still taking it slow. Its feeling good. It always takes me a while since my sinus and chest infections are stubborn. GRRRRRR.

But I’m trying to take care of myself and take it slow.

Restarting Before School

I’m feeling totally off balance this summer. So hectic. I have around 18 more days until my husband goes back to work and 25 until my kidz go back to school.

So …… I am trying really hard to slowly build up habits that I’m going to need to have for when my kidz go back to school.

I”m starting with going to bed earlier. Always taking my melatonin to help my body shut (mostly my brain) shut down for bed time.

Get up early, make dinner during the day so I don’t burn out night so easily.

Making a more manageable workout schedule. Taking into account how hard taking care of the kidz is on my body. I forget this sooo often and get burned out a lot. I burn out mentally and physically a lot. And what point is exercise if you don’t get stronger, but weaker, right?

I’m also going to get my iud replaced tomorrow as its fallen too low. I also quit taking my birth control pills (for hormone balancing). Its been giving me RAGING head aches. omg. So many headaches, not always severe, but very stubborn.

I am looking forward to school and the normal schedule.

Getting a handle on my PCOS

I have poly cystic ovarian Syndrome/Disease, but PCOD for short, but most ppl just call it by PCOS. I was diagnosed at 15. I mostly managed it until I had kidz. I had 3 kidz by the time I was 21, and I’m 31 lol.

I found a new Gynecologist last year and finally someone listens to me. I’ve gone to a nutritionist who has helped me greatly with energy levels. One cup of caffeine a day, I’m decreasing my bread content, and having a protein shake within an hour (though I have to work on it in the summer).

Well just recently my period was like 10 days or more. And I kept on spotting. I went to the doctor and I got 2 month samples worth of Minastrin 24 Fe birth control pills. The first pill ended my bleeding – yay. I don’t need it for birth control. I have a copper iud and birth control is because I’m NOT ovulating every month and its affecting my other hormones.

I also gained weight after I had kidz, I was going down after the babies and just randomly gained weight. NO matter how much I exercised or watched my weight. GRRRR.

I’m getting fasting blood work soon with a ultrasound on my uterus. And then we’ll go from there.

But I’m very happy that I’m finally making progress after a lot of nothing. Doctors yelling at me over no progress. Very happy to have some help in getting my health back together.