Crazy realization

Today I realized something. I weigh a little more than 100 more than I did at 16-18. This absolutely crazy to me. Of course at the time it was unsustainable (135) and I gained weight because I was overexercising and under eating.

But still a crazy realization.

Today I realized that somethings seriously HAS to happen. But part of it is sooo hard for me wit this leg injury. I hate trying to lose weight with an injury. Its sooooo hard and difficult.

Tomorrow I’m ONLY going to be doing seating exercise and light yoga and upper body dance drillz. Until my injury is healed.

The back of my left knee/hamstring area feels like its super tight and is about to pop or tear or something. Its a horrible sensation. Tomorrow I’m telling my PT. I’m also telling my Dr. that shes not treating this as a hamstring strain.

Oh boy. I feel like such a tattle tell, lol, but something seriously HAS to change.

I’m dedicated to changing because something has to.


Update on Leg Pain

According to my physical therapist I have VERY tight hamstrings. She doesn’t think I have a strain or a pulled muscles. She thinks my bad pain might actually either be nerves or sciatica. She thinks it got triggered when I pushed too hard during some stretching.

le sigh.

I hate how long it takes to get flexible. oh boy. I just wanna be flexible now, hehe. But anyways, orders are to do the hamstring warm up I found on youtube, light hamstring stretching, and using a heat pad for my hamstring. And to just let the nerves calm the hell down for now.

God willing I hope it gets all better.