Random Updates

I had a shot in my left knee. It was NOT a meniscus tear but knee bursitis. Because its been bothering me for a while, I have to take it easy for a week before I do some exercise.  I am very glad I got it done though.

I’m just taking it easy for now.

On another note, lots of people on EP (Experience Project) have told me I’m too passive about my husband being a supporter of ISIS, or daesh as they should be called. Bigoted Devils. That I could go to jail for knowing about it and doing nothing.

So tonight I contacted 2 different Islamic resources and asked them what to do.

I’m going to wait for their answers before I go about contacting someone else.

But I am doing something. I’m not being completely passive. I don’t want to do something premature and then I get the backlash and then no one believes me.

My husband calls me a liar anyways as it is. But I’m making progress. I just have to wait for some answers. I’m going slow and smart on this one.



Chest Infection

I have a chest infection! Ughhhh. the older I get, the more aggressive and chronic it gets. Both me and my grandma get lots of sinus and chest infections in the winter. I get them in the winter, but the ones that are more stubborn are the ones I get inbetween seasons. Like NOW.


NO exercising for me. I tried but its a no go for me.

Some articles say to exercise if you’re moderately sick. Yeah ………… its not working for me.

So I’m gonna take it easy from now on.

But the kidz are doing great. And my son is doing great in his new school. So that is good.

Now if I could just get rid of this infection.